We look forward to providing assistance to MPPAC members as approved legal counsel to provide legal advice under the Association’s Legal Assistance Program.


Are you eligible for coverage under the MPPAC’s Legal Assistance program?

In Western Canada, call 1-800-948-7377; or

In Eastern Canada call 1-888-783-7566.


New RCMP Act and RCMP Regulations 2014

We were invited to make a presentation at the 2015 MPPAC Annual General Meeting with respect to our experience under the new RCMP Act and the RCMP Regulations. You will find a video of our presentation on YouTube by clicking here.

If you are seeking legal advice and/or representation with respect to a Code of Conduct, a grievance or an appeal under the RCMP Act and Regulations, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can arrange an appointment for a consultation by completing the RCMP Member New Client Intake form. You will find our contact information on our Contact Us page of our website.