We welcome all new clients in our virtual boardroom!


Thank you for considering us to provide legal advice to you. We offer all new clients an initial 30-minute consultation at the Canadian Bar Association’s Lawyer Referral Rate of $28.00, including tax.

We have developed a “New Client Intake Form” to better serve potential new clients. The Intake Form elicits both some basic information about the nature of the legal issue and the identification information that the Law Society requires us to gather before we provide legal advice to anyone.   The objective is that you complete the Intake Form on your own time, so that during the initial consultation we can provide you with meaningful legal advice, rather than just gathering the information we need to provide legal advice. After receiving both the completed Intake Form and payment of the initial consultation fee, we will schedule a consultation via web-conference, which will allow you to obtain legal advice from us with all the comfort and privacy of your own home.

We will include within the 30-minute consultation the time we spend reviewing the Intake Form and any additional records you provide to us. After the initial 30-minutes, you will be charged the attending lawyer’s regular hourly rate, plus applicable taxes, for any time we spend considering your legal issue or providing legal advice.  We record our billable time by one-tenths of an hour, i.e., six minute increments.

Instructions for the completion of the New Client Intake Form

New Client Intake Form – E-mail format

Clicking on the “New Clients” menu above will allow you to access the ‘New Client Intake Form” on the dropdown menu or simply click here. The Intake Form accessed through the drop-down menu can be delivered to us via e-mail. In order to avoid incurring additional fees, please ensure that you complete both the required and all other relevant fields. There is a hyperlink near the end of the form that will enable you to upload any relevant records you may have in digital format (preferably PDF), e.g., a severance offer and release, your employment contract, etc. You can also upload additional digital files via our secure file sharing facility located near the bottom of on our Contact Us webpage. If you do not have a scanner and do not have these records in a digital format, you may send them to us toll-free via fax at 1-877-700-8879.

When you have completed the e-mail version of the Intake Form you will be required to pay the $28.00 fee by clicking the PayPal icon. You will then be given the option of paying the initial consultation fee via your PayPal Account or by any of the credit cards. To pay by credit card, click the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” hyperlink.  We do not receive any of your credit card information if you pay by credit card; we only receive a notification from PayPal advising us of the amount that you have paid.

Upon receipt of your payment, we will deposit it into our Firm’s pooled Trust Account, where we deposit all funds we hold on our clients’ behalf. Following the initial consultation, we will send you a statement of account via e-mail (or by regular mail if you do not have an e-mail address) showing that we have transferred your payment from our Trust Account to our General Account. Your payment will be reflected on your statement of account. If the initial consultation lasts longer than 30 minutes, we will ask you to pay the outstanding balance due upon receipt of your statement of account.


New Client Intake Form- PDF or Microsoft Word format

By clicking on the Adobe Acrobat icon below a New Client Intake Form will be generated in Portable Document Format (PDF). If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can install it by clicking on the Adobe Acrobat Reader download icon located on the right-hand side of your screen below.

You can either save the form to your computer (please make sure you save the form to your computer or you will have to fill it out again), complete it , then e-mail it back to us; or, alternatively, you print it, fill it in by hand, and fax it to us. In either case, make sure that you also provide us with any potentially relevant documents, e.g., severance offer and release, your employment contract, etc. If you are sending the documents to us via fax, we ask that you either send us a cheque in the amount of $28, payable to “S. Anderson Prof. Law Corp.” or pay using your PayPal Account or by credit card. To pay by credit card, click the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” hyperlink. We will deposit your payment in our Firm’s pooled Trust Account, where we deposit all funds we hold on our clients’ behalf. After 30-minute consultation, we will send you a statement of account via e-mail (or by regular mail if you do not have an e-mail address) and transfer your payment from our Trust Account to our General Account. Your payment will be reflected on your statement of account. If the Initial Consultation lasted longer than 30-minutes, we ask you to pay the outstanding balance shown on your statement of account upon receipt.

Our goal is to contact you withiin 24 hours of receipt of the New Client Intake Form to arrange the time for the Initial Consultation. Since we are a virtual law firm, we conduct most of our inital consultations via web conference utilizing a secure, free, commercial web conferencing application. All you require is access to a computer with internet access, a web camera and a telephone. Depending on the circumstances of your case, we may choose to conduct the initial consultation in person. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours of submitting the New Client Intake form to us, please contact us to arrange the initial consultation.

New Client Intake Form – Adobe Acrobat Format

Click here: New Client Intake Form

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New Client Intake Form – Microsoft Word Format

Click here: Wrongful Dismissal – New Client Pre-Interview Information





Preparing for the web-conference

After completing the New Client Intake Form, you should prepare for the web-conference by downloading the free, commercial web-conferencing application.

If you want information about the web-conferencing application before you download it, then Click Here!

When you are ready to download and install the free, commercial web-conferencing software then click the icon immediately below.

Go to Meeting Icon

Click here if you want a brief introduction about how to use the web-conferencing application or you can download the GoToMeeting Attendees Guide.

After you have downloaded the free, commercial web-conferencing software, you are ready for the initial consultation.

When the initial conference via web-conference is scheduled, the attending lawyer will send you an invitation to the web-conference via e-mail. We recommend that approximately 5 minutes before the time scheduled for web-conference, you locate the e-mail invitation and follow the instructions to join the web-conference. Please pay particular attention to our instructions about contacting the attending lawyer by telephone (toll-free) at the time the web-conference is scheduled to begin.


Initial consultation at our office

If you have requested an initial consultation to be held at our office, we recommend that you plan to arrive approximately 10 minutes early. There is street parking right outside our office as well as some free 2 hour parking stalls at the parking lot at Pinetree Way and Burlington.

Please bring a copy of any potentially relevant documents with you to the meeting. Before the initial consultation begins, you should make sure your documents and questions are organized and readily available.

We recommend that you bring writing paper and a pen with you to write down important information and helpful tips that we may provide to you during your initial consultation.


Preparing for the initial consultation

At the beginning of the initial consultation you will need to show the attending lawyer one form of government issued identification: your drivers license, your social insurance number card, your passport, or your healthcare number.

We recommend that you take some time beforehand to prepare for the initial consultation. At the beginning of the consultation you will be invited to briefly describe in your own words the legal issue about which you are seeking legal advice.

Before the initial consultation, think of some questions to which you would like answers. We recommend that you write your questions down. Before the end of the initial consultation we will provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions we have not addressed. Make sure you have your questions ready and available to you during the initial consultation. We also recommend that you write down the answers to your questions either during or immediately after the initial consultation.


Our Fees:

When you completed the Intake Form you paid for a 30 minute initial consultation at the Canadian Bar Association Lawyer Referral Rate ($25.00, plus tax). Most initial consultations can be concluded within 30 minutes. However, if the initial consultation last longer than 30 minutes, you should understand that you will be billed for any additional time in 6-minute increments at the attending lawyer’s regular hourly rate. We welcome your questions about the attending lawyer’s regular hourly rate either at the time the initial consultation is scheduled or at beginning of the initial consultation.



Remember that the information you provide to us and the legal advice we provide to you is protected by solicitor-client privilege. This means that information provided for the predominant purpose of giving or receiving legal advice is private and confidential as between us. With very few exceptions, we are bound by a professional obligation not to disclose to anyone the information you provide to us or the advice we give to you. Only you can waive this privilege. If you discuss with a third-party  the information you provide to us or the legal advice we give to you (other than your spouse who cannot be compelled to disclose information shared between the two of you), this may constitute a waiver of solicitor-client privilege. Accordingly, it is in your best interests to maintain the confidentiality of the information you provided to us and the legal advice we gave to you. You can be assured, we will!

All of us at the Labour Rights Law Office thank you for entrusting us with the opportunity to provide you with legal advice. We look forward to meeting with you and, if necessary, to working together with you towards a satisfactory resolution.