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Labour Law

We provide strategic and timely labour relations advice and representation in every facet of the collective bargaining relationship.

Formation of a trade union

We can assist you drafting a constitution and bylaws for adoption by a group of employees wishing to form a trade union or employees association, as well as completion of the other required steps necessary to be recognized successfully as a viable trade union under the appropriate labour relations statute.


Certification applications can be a proverbial “mine field” that is difficult to navigate by inexperienced organizers. If you are a group of employees who are interested in forming a trade union to engage in collective bargaining your terms and conditions of employment with your employer, we can assist you with obtaining the services of an experienced union organizer to work with your group or we can assist you by making an introduction of your group to an established, reputable trade union.

We can provide you with legal advice about what membership evidence is required to support a successful application for certification and with we can help you to define a viable description of a bargaining unit appropriate for collective bargaining. We can provide you with strategic advice about how and when to file the certification application and we will represent your employee group’s interests at the initial and subsequent certification hearings.

Collective bargaining

We can assist you with drafting collective bargaining proposals for an initial or a subsequent collective agreement. We can provide your negotiating committee with training and preparing for collective bargaining. We can draft proposed contract language or provide you with advice with respect to wording proposed during collective bargaining. If desired, we can also act as your spokesperson during collective bargaining. We can provide you with strategic advice throughout the collective bargaining process, including providing you with recommendations for a list of approved grievance arbitrators.

Enforcement of the collective agreement

We offer union steward training at both basic and advanced levels to enable them to confidently file and competently process grievances throughout the grievance process. Further, we can mentor your more experienced union stewards and officers in preparing for and presenting grievances at arbitration. We offer years of experience preparing and presenting grievances in arbitration and mediation proceedings.

Labour Relations Board proceedings

We act as legal counsel in a full range of proceedings before the labour relations boards, including unfair labour practice complaints, successor-employer applications and duty of fair representation complaints, among others.

Human Rights proceedings

We provide legal advice and representation in proceedings under Human Rights legislation under both provincial and federal statutes. We have experience filing complaints, responses, and dismissal applications. We have a successful track record in representing our client’s interests in early-settlement conferences.

Proceedings before the Information and Privacy Commissioner

We have experience representing union clients in proceedings under access to information and privacy legislation. We offer our experience in drafting applications and in preparing responses to applications and inquiries.

Discrimination under the Workers Compensation legislation

We have also successfully represented our union clients’ interests under the Workers Compensation legislation, before the Workers Compensation Board, the Workers Compensation Appeal Tribunal, in reconsideration applications, and in judicial review proceedings.

Civil litigation

We have successfully represented our client’s interests in the Superior and Appellate Courts in a wide variety of applications including abuse of process, bankruptcy and insolvency, creditor remedies, disability litigation, judicial review, injunctions, and tortious claims, vexatious litigant proceedings.

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