We make “house calls” to make justice more accessible to you!



Imagine, a lawyer who makes “house calls” to provide you with legal advice in the comfort and privacy of your own home-well that is virtually what we do at the Labour Rights Law ! No downtown traffic. No difficulties finding and paying for parking! Instead, “park” yourself in front of your computer, while we review together the records you provide to us, along with statutes and case law that we consider relevant to your legal issue.

Labour Rights Law is a virtual law office, which means that we use innovative, reliable technology to deliver legal services to you. We deliver legal services to you in the comfort and privacy of your home, your office, one of our offices, or to anywhere you have internet access.

We deliver quality, affordable legal services by relying upon innovative technology. We use reliable applications publically available to you for free to conduct brief on-line consultations via web conference, to  jointly review documents, to interview clients & witnesses, to collaborate with clients about written submissions, to file and serve pleadings & other legal documents and to maintain timely communications with our clients. We have personal, face to face, client conferences at one of our business centres whenever necessary or more practical to do so.

We utilize leading, specialized electronic legal databases to conduct research to avoid overhead costs and to keep our hourly rates reasonably affordable.

All client information is stored electronically in a non-proprietary digital format ” in the cloud,” which is a secure private network located in a secure facility in the BC Lower Mainland. All client files are backed up hourly and remote back ups are stored securely. Our clients’ digital files are accessible to our lawyers from the courtroom or anywhere else in the World there is a secure Wi-Fi internet connection.

All of our electronic devices (e.g., desktop computers, tablets, cell phones, laptops, etc.) are password protected. If you have any specific questions or concerns about the security or confidentiality of client information, we would be pleased to answer them.

Of course, we provide printed materials whenever necessary for hearings in court or in any other legal proceedings, including specific client requests. However, we were the first to present a judicial review application digitally in the BC Supreme Court.

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