Family Law

As a valued added service we are pleased to announce the addition of family law to our practice.  This service is available to our union and non-union clients who may be navigating through family matters as well as employment matters and could benefit from the convenience of being serviced by one law firm.  We are committed to resolving disputes and negotiating settlements where possible. When required however, we are equally equipped to litigate at all levels of court. We can assist you to take practical steps towards reaching a solution during the family law process.

We advise and represent clients in all matters related to custody, parenting time, adoption, child and spousal support, mobility, divorce, property division and child and adult guardianship.  Our services also extend to drafting marriage and separation agreements as well as co-habitation agreements.

In addition to her legal training, Karlan brings a background in social work to the family law practice which allows her to guide her clients through the complexities involved in reaching a solution.  Karlan clerked with the Honorable Justice Williams of the Nova Scotia Supreme Court (Family Division) and volunteered with the Family Law Information Centre, assisting clients to complete forms for their family law matters.

Preparing for your family law matter

  1. Assemble your financial information. You will need to locate at least three years of tax returns and Notices of Assessment (personal and corporate if you control a business). Accumulate three recent pay stubs and information on your year-to-date income. Collect information on all sources of income including pension payments, government payments (HST rebate, child tax benefit, CPP, EI, etc.)
  2. Start tracking your budget. What are you monthly expenditures? If you anticipate moving, assemble information regarding the cost of the type of accommodation you would like to have. Keep receipts. It is especially important to have receipts regarding children’s activities.
  3.  Assemble documentation regarding your assets and debts. We will be seeking separation-date and current values for everything owned by you and by your spouse or partner: your properties, your vehicles, your savings (RRSPs, RESPs, bank accounts, investment accounts, stocks and bonds, pensions, air miles and aeroplan points, money owing to you, shareholder loans, income tax refunds, etc.). We will also be seeking information regarding your debts (mortgages, lines of credit, vehicle and other loans, income tax owing, credit card balances, money due to a corporation, RRSP loans).
  4.  Write down your questions in advance and take notes regarding the answers. Or ask your questions in an e-mail. It is generally more time-effective (and therefore more cost effective) to ask a series of questions during one longer phone, in-person or e-mail contact than to ask questions one at a time, so batch your questions when you can.
  5.  Since you will receive copies of all materials we generate or receive, you should create your own file regarding your matter. We are able to scan and send everything electronically so let us know if you would prefer this option or if you prefer to receive paper documentation.
  6. Contact your lawyer by e-mail or by setting up a telephone or in-person appointment with our paralegal. The paralegal will ensure time is reserved in the lawyer’s schedule for you alone.
  7.  Keep notes of what is going on. These will be a useful reference for you so that you can give specific examples of incidents which cause you concern as negotiations unfold. This will also be helpful if it is necessary to prepare an affidavit (a sworn statement which sets out facts you want the Judge to know), to participate in discoveries (where you are put under oath and asked questions) or to answer interrogatories (questions which you must answer in writing).
  8.  Become informed about the separation process and parenting after separation.

In order to minimize the cost of legal services, we have devised a Family Law Intake form, which we would ask the potential client to complete and submit to us and then we will contact you for an initial one-half hour consultation. The Family Law Intake Form can be accessed under our Practice Areas tab and the associated Family Law drop down menu or simply Click Here.

Contact Karlan directly for a confidential consultation or further information:

Ph: 604-475-0041 or 1-877-708-8350, Extension 104; or

Click here to send an e-mail directly to Karlan

Information about the law is not a substitute for legal advice and that is especially true when it comes to separation and divorce!

Legal information provided on our website or other websites is not a substitute for legal advice addressing the particular circumstances of your situation. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in applying family law to the particular circumstances of your case.