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Sebastien Anderson – Extension #222
Direct: 604.283.3304

Sherry Shir – Extension #224
Direct: 604.283.3306

Anthony Moffatt – Extension #223
Direct: 604.283.3310

Fatemeh Saidi Sr. Legal Admin. Assistant – Extension #221
Direct: 604.283.3305

Laura Raposo Office Manager & Paralegal – Extension #232
Direct: 604.283.3346

Maggie Kwok Legal Admin. Assistant- Extension #227
Direct: 604.283.3308


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Labour Rights Law Office *
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Parking at our office?

There is fee parking for 3 hours at parking lot less than one block North of us. Drive North on Pinetree Way (past Coquitlam Centre) go past Glen Drive, then take your next immediate left onto Burlington Drive, then turn left into the ground level parking lot.  Do not park against the wall with the Glen Pine Pavilion signs or you may be ticketed and towed. Walk back to Glen Drive, turn right, and enter our building through the Commercial Entrance (not the Residential Entrance). We’re on the second floor. Parking is also available on Glen Drive, but you have to pay to park there and it is strictly enforced.