Employment Law Client Intake Form

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service. The fees we charge for our services are based, in part, on the amount of time we spend gathering the information we need to provide you with sound legal advice. We prepared this form to assist you to minimize the legal fees we will charge you and to maximize the amount of time we spend providing you with legal advice during our initial interview. If you complete this document as much as possible in advance of an initial interview, we do not have to charge you for the amount of time it takes us to gather the information we require to provide legal advice. The information contained on this form is subject to solicitor-client privilege, because the predominant purpose for which it is sought and provided is for seeking and obtaining legal advice.

If you have received a letter of termination, a severance offer or any other relevant documents, you can upload copies of these documents to be submitted to us along with this form. Please use the “Upload” button near the end of the form.

After completing this form, click the submit button at the end of the form. Please complete this form before contacting us to schedule an initial interview.
Thank you.

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